How To Turn On “Hey Cortana” In Windows 10

How To Turn On “Hey Cortana” In Windows 10 or Cortana is seriously getting the entertaining function of Windows 10. You can take highest possible benefits from it by allowing its voice function function by which you won’t have to create commands for it, it will perform on your voice identification orders.

Cortana, for Windows 10 isn’t yet completely ready, means that Microsof company is still operating hard to equip this awesome function with more features and amusing commands which will be on field in the near function.You can ask her concerns like: “Hey Cortana, What’s Up?” and her replies will surprise you.

You will also use her to do some projects inside your laptop or computer settings or other performs like managing your routine, setting up alarm for perform and other work. In below i will share method to Enabling “Hey Cortana” in Windows 10.

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How  To Turn On “Hey Cortana” In Windows 10 :

Follow Below Step To Turn On “Hey Cortana” In Windows 10.

Cortana is not enabled by normal in Windows 10 as everybody don’t want to talk with their laptop or computer, actually ;). They believe it looks ridiculous but it actually appears to be good.

  • First Of All Click On Windows 10 Taskbar And Search’s For Cortana.

Enabling "Hey Cortana" in Windows 10

  • Now Click On Cortana And Go To Its Setting.

How To Turn On “Hey Cortana” In Windows 10

  • So Now Click On Enable Voice.

How to enable Windows 10's 'Hey Cortana' voice

  • Done ! You Sucessfully enable Windows 10’s ‘Hey Cortana’ voice.

Final Words : So Here Is Our New Tut On How To Turn On “Hey Cortana” In Windows 10. Hope You Like It. So Please Share This Tut With Your Friends Thanks!

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