Top 10 YouTube Secrets You Might Not Know

Top 10 YouTube Secrets You Might Not Know : YouTube is one of the most well-known sites in the entire world that has a large selection of video clips. Large numbers of people visit YouTube in obtain to watch video clips generally for enjoyment, guides and many much more. As go for all know, YouTube is a position in which we can watch videos, publish videos and use it as a information that instructs us any kind of guides and makes clear our reluctance. YouTube is nearby web page which is applied in many nations and is accessible in more than 60 different languages. so below here is list of Top 10 YouTube Secrets You Might Not Know.

YouTube has turn out to be so well-known due to its easy user interface and free to publish and observe videos. Every day, we all check out this web page so as to observe one or two video clips. But, do you know that there are some hidden secrets and techniques on YouTube? You can not only observe videos but also, have exciting via these hidden secrets. Are you curious to know the hidden secrets of YouTube? Nicely, then have a search at the leading Top 10 YouTube Secrets Top 10 YouTube Secrets, comprehend them and try to carry out it on the video clip sharing site.

Top 10 YouTube Secrets You Might Not Know :

YouTube is an amazing resource that turns on many people with hilarious video clips. YouTube has produced a remarkable pursuing with several records having large numbers of followers. Here is a list of Top 10 YouTube Secrets that will create your watching even much better. Have a look!

1. Use the Force Luke :

So the first and the amazing hints on If you are an fanatic of Star Conflicts, then you can have more exciting utilizing this Use The Force Luke trick. Type “Use the Force Luke” in the search box of What simply happens when you type this in the search box then the screen begins to hover from one part to the other. This creates all your search outcomes travel from left to right or vice versa. so the first cool trick out of Top 10 YouTube Secrets.

 10 YouTube Secrets Use the Force Luke Trick Youtube

It looks like almost everything on the display is flying back and forth and you can create it shift even much more just by using your computer mouse across the display screen.

2. 1980 – Play Missile Command

It is most awesome secrets of YouTube that you can also perform games on YouTube by at the same time watching a video clip. Just Type ‘1980’ although watching any video clip that gradually releases Atari’s traditional 1980 game Rocket Command.

YouTube Hidden Secrets Missile Command

In order to enjoy this game, you require to fill Flash Player. It provides you management of gun turrets and your process is to secure your below-playing video clip from breaking down. hope you enjoying Top 10 YouTube Secrets if yes then continue reading.

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3. Geek Week – Retro Look :

Just Type the next command ‘/geek week’ in the search box of Youtube . com. Observe the magic that shows your search results web page in ASCII formatting.

 10 YouTube Secrets

You can look at all the video clips of latest submitted Geek Week video clips in the ASCII format that gives a vintage appear.

4. Beam me up Scotty :

If you are a rattling lover of Star Trek, then you can be acquainted with this Range. Style the command “Beam me up Scotty” in Youtube . com Search option and notice the results shown on your search web page.
YouTube Secrets Beam me up scotty

It then shows the traditional Star Trek impact by ‘beaming’ the video clips upon the search results web page. Examine it out and observe the glowing effect.

5. Comic book mode :

Want to observe any video in a comic book mode? Then include &pow=1&nohtml5=1 at the end of a video clip URL that you are presently viewing. You will then see a “pow” key that is included to the video.

YouTube pow button comic book mode

simply click on that key that you can put the video clip into comic book mode. To observe the video in regular style, then simply click on the POW key once again.

[alert type=yellow ]Note : It doesn’t work on Claimed Videos[/alert]

6. Doge meme :

You can now notice the modify that occurs on your search results web page. The typeface on the search page will be instantly transformed to Comic Sans and written text will be shown in distinct colors.

YouTube Doge Meme Secrets

7. Fibonacci Sequence :

Are you amazed to search at the phrase Fibonacci as we are presently talking about the secrets of YouTube? Nicely, we all know about the Fibonacci series in arithmetic that contributes two figures in a specific series.

YouTube Secrets Fibonacci

If you form “Fibonacci” in the YouTube search box, it then sets up the search outcomes in a tiled impact in balance with the statistical series of the similar name.

8. Ponies :

Type Ponies in the search box of YouTube. Wait around for few seconds and you’ll see small ponies strolling throughout the display. It will be fun viewing the tiny small ponies while strolling across the display screen. Try it on your Computer.

Youtube secrets ponies

9. Play Snakes Game :

You can also perform the vintage Snakes game although viewing any video on Youtube . com in your web browser. For that, you require to simply stop a video, then click and hold the remaining arrow key for 2 secs and while continue to having it, push the Up arrow key. This technique works only in the new YouTube player on video clips that are performed on so thats the 9th one out of Top 10 YouTube Secrets

Youtube Secrets Play snakes game

10. Do the Harlem Shake :

Write “do the Harlem shake” in the search box of and enjoy what occurs on the search outcomes page. The YouTube loge will begin jumping to the defeat and then the whole web page will shake strongly with the music “Harlem Shake” by Baauer which is performed in the qualifications. You can reach the stop button if you want to turn off the operate. so that’s it our awesome and Top 10 YouTube Secrets revealed.

YouTube Tricks do the harlem shake

So This is Amazing Top 10 YouTube Secrets That You Might Know. This Post Will Rock You.

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