How to Increase RAM Using USB [Pendrive]

Increase RAM Using USB. As I know this method is old, but newbies don’t know much about this trick/method. So today I‘m going to share this method.

As you know all that RAM Is key to speed up your computer or laptop. So this post is going to rock. All you need is to follow my easy or simple steps. So let’s start here to Increase RAM Using USB.

Increase RAM Using USB :

Follow Below Steps.

  • First of all link your USB into your Computer Or Laptop USB slot.
  • Now On desktop Screen just right click on the My Computer icon and then press Properties.
  • Then Click On the Advanced Tab then click On Performance.

how to increase ram of pc

  • Now click on Advanced Then Press Virtual Memory.

how to increase ram using pendrive

  • Now pick your USB icon and then click on Custom size.
  • Choose Custom Size And Click On OK.
  • Restart you PC to take benefit from it !

So Here Is new tut on How to Increase RAM Using USB. Hope You Will Like It. And Share This post With Your Friends!

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