How to Find Serial Key of Any Software

In this tutorial, I’m going to present that how you can Find Serial Key of Any Software on Google. After reading through this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to use any paid software for free with the help of serial keys. On internet you can find cracked files of any paid tool or program, but sometimes it’s really difficult to find.

I’ll teach you two methods for finding serial keys. These 2 methods are very simple and easy to understand. It’s your choice whether you choose first or second one because both are authentic.

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#1: Find Serial Key of Any Software using Google

This method is 100% tested. In this method we use a secret code to find the serial keys of any software.

  • First Of All Open Your Browser.
  • Go to and type your software name in search bar and type “94FBR” After Your Software Name e.g ( Adobe Photoshop CS5  94FBR )
  • Google will show some web pages. You can visit one of them to download your software.
  • Done! but if you don’t like it; have a look at the second method.

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#2: Find Serial Key Using Generator

In this method we are going to use software to generate serial key of any paid software. This tool will go to help in future. This software is used by many users and hopefully you are also like it.

  • First of all download serial key generator. [ Download Here ]
  • Then Install It On Your Computer after downloading.
  • This program is easy to use. So, don’t need to write more steps to using this.

So these were 2 methods to find serial key of any software. These are completely working and tested by me. If You have any question regarding this guide then contact our team via Comment/Email. Thanks!

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